Monday, April 11, 2011

Reviews Received from Holiday Package Travelers


Anshuman - I had booked a 7 nights Singapore - Malaysia package last summer and kept my fingers crossed as this was the first time I used Make My Trip for my travel needs. I was offered a form while booking and the customer care took care to explain the tour details. They also informed about all the documents required and called me before the departure time to remind about the entire schedule. The flight was good with on-board meals and when we got there, we were surpised to see a 4 star hotel staff welcoming us and the service was simply superb. The sight-seeing and entire schedule was perfect with enough time for rest. I would surely use Make My Trip for my next travel

Mary Sabastine - I used Make My Trip after a friend of mine suggested it and I am happy to say it worked out great. I got the best rates and the dealings were quite frank and fair. The only suggestion I would have is about the flights. It would have been better if flights are not delayed and depart on time.

John Emney - I would say this is the only world class travel agent in India by far. I would suggest this to any UK travelers to India and beyond.

Make My Trip Travel Reviews

When it comes to travel, let it be hotels or flights, one does take into account the experiences of other travelers. Most of the people ask their family and friends to know about best hotels and places to visit. Even though there are many travel portals, when it comes to choosing a travel portal on other, one takes into account the reviews. Reviews play an important part in customer decision in travel agency and Make My Trip is one such company which values inputs from customers so that other travelers are motivated to buy more services from Make My Trip.

Make My Trip provides flight bookings, both domestic and international flights on a wide range of leading airlines service providers. It also provides hotel bookings to places around the world. One can also book hotels and flights combined for greater discounts and savings. Customers positive ratings for Make My Trip is better than others in the travel segment. Even though its hard to keep every customer 100% satisfied due to things out of control of Make My Trip, MMT get the least negative ratings and also very rare.

One of the greatest positive ratings arrive from the packaged holidays and flights bookings section on Make My Trip. Many customers express surprise over the rates offered by Make My Trip, which is less than the direct rates available on the hotels website. On large package holidays the discount is substantial as Make My Trip does the group bargain with several flight and hotel groups around the world.

Overall Make My Trip leads in Travel reviews for the holiday package and flight bookings sectors.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

www.makemytrip.comWelcome to the Site of Travel in India – Do Online Bookings, Its Safe and Guaranteed.You can see Flights, Hotels, and Holidays in India & also International Holidays. You can hire the Car; find out the destinations in India.Supersaver Section includes Bookings of Fligts, Hotels, Cars, Holiday at Cheapest Price. You can also join the section of Supper Tripper and can get some Travel Goodies and Event Invites.Quick Search Section for Flights is Interesting, Just chalk out your requirements and you Get the deal at the Best Price! And if you add deal of Hotels it’s the Best Price you will Ever receive!!Some Offer also includes Airline Tickets 1 on 1 Free.International destinations at Great Prizes include Mauritius, Australia, and Dubai.Privacy is strictly maintained and this site is Safe to Travel.So have a Safe & Enjoyable Trip! Tries To Attract Holiday Travellers With “Holiday Plus”

Few days back we had discussed about Travelguru TAP’ing with bloggers and website holders. Travelguru is focusing on hotels now which itself is a big market whether for business travelers or leisure travelers. Though it is easier and faster to book through an online travel portal like Yatra and ClearTrip, these travel portals still do not offer a complete holiday planning tool. Holiday traveling is much more complex as it requires timely decision and multiple location coverage unlike business travel which is to and fro to a single location. So in order to attract international holidaying customers has launched “Holiday Plus” which guarantees satisfaction to the travelers. This is achieved by charging only half the amount upfront , and the rest after the travelers’ return.

On this Keyur Joshi, Co-Founder & COO, said, “We are absolutely certain that we offer the Best Holiday Experience in the market. As proof, we have extended a first-ever guarantee to customers under which we are willing to receive upfront payment for only 50% of the package cost, and the rest after the traveler returns from a satisfactory holiday. We are supporting this with a high-voltage campaign “Humne Toda Vaada Toh Pay Only Aadha” that will shortly break across mass media – TV, electronic and radio channels as well as the internet.”

Besides for the price factor I guess whats lacking is a holiday travel tool which helps me make the best decisions for my holidays and if one can add a reviews and recommendations feature to that from other people who have spent a holiday at the same location then nothing like it. I guess online travel portals need to start thinking beyond transaction focused schemes and products and look at adding ease and value to travel decision making atleast as far as holiday or leisure travel is concerned. - Cheap Holiday Packages

The purpose of Make My Trip is to help customers to save money on holiday packages in India and worldwide. It provides you with an up-to-date list of the very best deals at hotels and resorts and a discounted “charter specials” including hotel and air from selected getaways. If you are planning a vacation and you want to compare the prices of hotels and resorts at your destination, just select that destination in the quote box and bring some information and you will receive the information immediately. You can choose between a booking only hotel room and booking hotel and flight. The site also provides special traveling offers and traveling tips that can help you to plan your trip. In addition, the site offers information about many travel destinations around the world and also travel guides.